Structures. Traces. Depth.

My art is all about pursuing harmony and balance found in nature. 

In my artwork there can be found a blend of Croatian minimalism with a touch of ancient mysticism. 

It fascinates with the layers and textures that give the artworks a certain sensory dimension.

The process of creation is completely organic and spontaneous. When it emerges on the canvas, it conveys a thought that is highly emotional and personal, but at the same time universal. It speaks of places unseen, yet comforting and familiar. Like memories of a place we feel we have been before but can't quite recall all the details of the experience.

My paintings are often influenced by music, and I relate them to lyrics and try to capture and transport my thoughts in the artwork.

Striving for depth and intensity I use multiple layers of paint, grainy or rough textures, embracing the beauty of decay by including rust or cracked structures in my paintings. I also like to incorporate
natural materials from the sea, like corals or seaweed into my work. 

Furthermore I enjoy experimenting with rust, wood, and self-made marble powder.

When I create my artwork, I let myself be inspired by my personal perception of the world, full of emotions. I dive deep into my inner consciousness. In my creative process, expressive compositions
of colors and textures.

Using color as language, my work becomes alive with emotions through the movement of the
structure and luscious layers of pigment. Much like memories, each painting is filled with layer upon layer of paint, building a rich history into each piece.