Petra Forman is an award-winning abstract artist, Austrian by birth but having moved by choice, and also for love of the seascape, to the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, and depending on the season living between Vienna and Korcula. Petra Forman chooses art as her path to narrate everything that belongs to her interiority, to her curious nature and always in search of new stimuli that allow her to make the constant changes that her free spirit requires. Although she has a Master’s degree as an Executive Management MBA and a Master degree study on the university of applied art “Die Angewandte” in Vienna she has always felt the need to let her creativity have an outlet since more than 20 years. She has been painting intensively the last years and participated in numerous exhibitions and art fairs in the USA and Europe.
Drawing inspiration comes from the pioneering figures of Anselm Kiefer, which has influence Petra’s way of drawing with less colours. Guided by her art lecturer Christian Ludwig Attersee,
she employs a unique technique. What fascinates Petra, is the possibility of creating layers of
different consistencies that actually interact with the surrounding environment precisely because
they break the two-dimensionality and open up a more concrete dialogue with the observer who is
intrigued and fascinated by the scratches, streaks and material that Forman decides to use.
“Petra’s art- language is universal and understandable, because her figurative works are made from a
glance. Just sensitiveness, just a sight, just a feeling. The author makes her own contribution to our
lives by showing what we can see and feel, and how his world can be emerging.” (Lika Spivakovska,